Anti-Environmentalist Lomborg a 'Junk Scientist'

As we detail in our book Trust Us, We're Experts , 'junk science' is a PR pejorative used by corporations to smear environmentalists and public interest scientists. Danish professor and author Bjorn Lomborg has been a darling of corporate lobbyists and front groups, as PR Watch has reported most recently in our article on a 2002 meeting of the International Chamber of Commerce. Yesterday the Washington Post reported that Lomborg and his book 'The Skeptical Environmentalist' have been "denounced by a panel of his country's top scientists for engaging in 'scientific dishonesty.' " The Post also noted that " The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and other publications praised the Danish professor, who dismissed many environmental concerns as 'phantom problems created and perpetuated by a self-serving environmental movement.' A Washington Post book reviewer concluded that the book was 'a magnificent achievement.' "


I will be pleased to draw your attention to the following homepage developed by biologist Kåre Fog,Denmark:

This homepage documents the many erros in Bjørn Lomborgs book.

Number of flaws and errors listed in the error catalogue

Number of ERRORS: 110. Number of FLAWS: 204. Total number: 314.
Last updated: 2006-Jan-14.

How many flaws and errors are deliberate ?

On 31st December 2005, a total of 312 flaws and errors had been listed.
These were approximately distributed as follows:
- 16 accidental/involuntary errors
- 214 errors of the most common type that may or may not reflect deliberate bias
- 33 errors that were probably deliberate or were due to gross negligence
- 49 errors that were evidently deliberate