Talking Back to Talk Radio

"Setting aside the shrill and nonsensical efforts of those who suggest the corporate-owned media in America is 'liberal,' the situation with regard to talk radio is particularly perplexing: It doesn't even carry a pretense of political balance," writes former radio DJ Thom Hartmann. "Average Americans across the nation are wondering how could it be that a small fringe of the extreme right has so captured the nation's airwaves?" Hartmann examines the history of talk radio and suggests that the current absence of alternative voices creates a business opportunity that broadcasters are missing: "Those stations that take the plunge into progressive talk will serve democracy by offering a loyal opposition (which Americans always appreciate), and earn healthy revenues in an industry where it's increasingly difficult to find a profitable niche. And whichever network is first to realize this simple reality and provide stations with solid progressive or Democrat talk programming will build a strong, viable, and financially healthy business."