Sir Michael Slays Censors of "The Quiet American"

Last year PR Watch noted that since 9/11 Hollywood is working with the White House on US global propaganda efforts. Apparently some in Hollywood see film censorship as part of their patriotic duty. The New York Times reported this October that "a cataclysmic event can change the fate of a movie. One example is The Quiet American, the ... adaptation of Graham Greene's 1955 novel. ... Miramax executives worried ... [it] ...could be seen as a searing critique of United States imperialism. The Quiet America was quietly shelved." Today's New York Times reports that thanks to the intercession of the movie's star Michael Caine, The Quiet American will be heard and seen in time for Oscar consideration. " 'The Quiet American isn't anti-American,' Sir Michael [Caine] said. 'It's anti the Americans who got the country involved in the Vietnam War.' "