Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo

KCSA PR Worldwide, whose clients include the Zionist Organization of America, is doing PR for the Christian Coalition to support the war in Iraq. The Christian Coalition is organizing a "Christian Solidarity for Israel Rally" and is urging its members to pray for the Iraqi people while we bomb them. Some PR counselors see a conflict of interest and problems down the road when Jewish and fundamentalist Christian agendas collide. "Those, such as Pat Robertson, who see nuclear war in the Mideast as a necessary precursor to the Second Coming bring little to the search for a genuine Mideast Peace, for safe homelands for both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples," says Dave Rosensein. "Since KCSA sees no overriding conflict, perhaps KCSA's other client, the Zionist Organization of America, should ask itself whether it needs allies who support Israel, not as a homeland for the Jewish people, as the 1947-48 Partition plans intended, but as the flash point of the Apocalypse predicted in the Revelations of St. John the Divine."