Global Warming Is Good For You

"Cheap heating bills! Great gardens! Thriving civilizations! In energy-crazed Houston, friends of greenhouse gases abound," writes Dylan Krider as he examines the career of Gerald T. Westbrook and other global warming skeptics. "In this energy capital of America, eager listeners still abound for the message delivered by Westbrook and at least a handful of colleagues: Global warming threats are just so much foolishness, hatched by environmentalists to fuel the fears of the populace." Krider interviews PR Watch editor Sheldon Rampton and leading climatologists as he shows how the growing evidence of global warming has forced the skeptics to adjust their message. First, they said global warming doesn't exist. Then they said that even if it exists, it's actually a good thing. Now they are are beginning to say that even if it exists and it's a bad thing, there's nothing we can do about it.