A Beacon of Freedom Vs. Flag-Waving Allies

The American Jewish Committee is sponsoring a multi-million dollar TV ad campaign to "bolster support" for Israel in the U.S. O'Dwyer's PR Daily reports, "The pro-Israel ad campaign will position the country as a beacon of freedom in a rough area of the world. It also will argue that Israel is committed to the peace process, having already signed agreements with former adversaries Egypt and Jordan. The pro-Israel ads may go head-to-head with those from Saudi Arabia." The Qorvis Communications-developed Saudi Arabian campaign pitches the Kingdom as a reliable U.S. ally and partner in the "war on terror." Qorvis CEO Michael Petruzzello told O'Dwyer's the TV spots "flags" and "allies" are ready to run. Democratic political consultant Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi is developing the AJC ad effort. A recent poll by AJC found that more Americans are expressing "neutrality" concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.