Judicial Watch's "PR Stunt"

The White House allegedly threatened a Judicial Watch process server with arrest while he was trying to provide legal notification of a lawsuit to Vice President Dick Cheney. The conservative organization Judicial Watch has brought a lawsuit against Cheney for fraudulent accounting practices at Halliburton Corporation while Cheney was the company's chief executive. AP reports Cheney's communications counselor Mary Matalin called Judicial Watch's announcement about the process server a "PR stunt," saying that the lawsuit should have been delivered to Cheney's private attorney, Terrence O'Donnell of the Washington law firm Williams & Connolly. But Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told Reuters, "You don't serve lawsuits on lawyers, you serve them on defendants." Judicial Watch says it has successfully served lawsuits on Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton while they were in the White House.