Melchett Seen As B-M Cash Cow: 'Show Us the Money'

ePublicRelations president Ross Irvine offers his take on Lord Melchett joining Burson-Marsteller. Irvine writes: "Burson-Marsteller's London office has a new cash cow... Lord Melchett has joined B-M as a consultant in the company's corporate social responsibility unit. Here, he can be charged out a high rate, earn a good salary plus expenses, contribute significantly to the bottom line, satisfy WWP Group shareholders who own B-M, and offer little value to clients. ... The marriage of B-M and Lord Melchett raises some interesting questions and situations. Fortunately, they are easy to explain away. As Alan Biggar, chief executive of B-M's London office, said: 'This (the corporate social responsibility unit) is a growing area of business for us.' In other words: 'Show us the money. We must keep the shareholders happy. Thanks for the cash, Lord Melchett!' "