Invest In US Brings Back the Bull

"Invest in US," a non-profit group comprised of "communications professionals--writers, illustrators, filmmakers, etc.," has launched a website aimed at encouraging people to invest in the currently-depressed stock market. Stock indexes, the website argues, are "an indicator of the economic health and a measure of our country's self-confidence." Just as "heroic firemen, doctors, police officers, and so many others ... have made huge efforts and huge sacrifices," it urges "all our citizens to jump into the fray" by "bringing back the Bull market." Invest In US offers posters and downloadable graphics with slogans such as "Bring Back the Bull," "Don't Keep the Dow at Half-Mast," "Our Investments Are Our Weapons," and a poster of Osama Bin Laden with the caption, "He Wants You To Sell."