Hollywood Seeks Role in the War

The New York Times reports that Hollywood executives and White House officials discussed recently how the entertainment industry can help the Bush administration's war effort. "Bryce Zabel, the chairman of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, said there was a strong sense among executives at the meeting that the United States needed to do more to highlight its strengths internationally. The United States, Mr. Zabel said, is losing the propaganda war abroad because so many people are willing to line up against it. Some Hollywood know-how, he said, could help change that," writes the Times. "'We have not done a good job communicating to people about who we are when so many people in the world think ill of us, and many wish us harm,' Mr. Zabel said. 'It's possible the entertainment industry could help the government formulate its message to the rest of the world about who Americans are, and what they believe.'"