Hospital Saves Fictional Character!

"It was 2:05 a.m. when an ambulance brought Mr. Jacobs and his daughter to Sarasota Memorial Hospital's emergency room," stated a news release from Sarasota Memorial Hospital. "Mr. Jacobs was complaining of difficulty breathing. He was 65 years old, overweight and on medication for high blood pressure. The question that emergency room physicians needed to answer quickly was whether it was fluid in his lungs or a failing heart?" Doctors got the answers they needing using a spiffy new diagnostic tool called the BioZ cardiac monitor, resulting in fast treatment for heart failure and a happy ending: "Just 12 hours later, Mr. Jacobs was on his way to his granddaughter's soccer game." The only problem with this story is that Mr. Jacobs doesn't exist. He is a fictional character invented by Irene Paigah, the director of corporate communications for CardioDynamics International, which manufactures the BioZ monitors.