Body Shop Picks Ruder Finn For PR

The Body Shop has picked Ruder Finn to promote the company's U.S. store expansion. RF will handle several events and local PR campaigns aimed at increasing awareness and attracting traffic to Body Shop's new locations. In contrast with the Body Shop's animal and environment friendly image, Ruder Finn owns the almost legendary E. Bruce Harrison Company. Harrison is ironically considered "the founder of green PR" because of his work for the pesticide industry in the 1960s when he helped lead the attack on author Rachel Carson and her environmental classic, Silent Spring. E. Bruce Harrison and Company has also represented the Global Climate Coalition, an industry-funded group that between 1994-97 spent more than $1 million each year to downplay the threat of climate change. Ruder Finn also worked in the 90s for the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the parliamentary opposition in Kosovo, for which it won the 1996 CIPRA award. Ruder Finn lists as current clients Citibank, Novartis, Pfizer, Consumer Union, and Lexis-Nexis among other.