Radio Disney: Round-The-Clock Promotion

Michael Eisner, head of the Walt Disney Company, praises Radio Disney, which currently broadcasts in 48 markets, representing 54% of the country. According to a press release, "because Radio Disney is the only 24-hour kids' radio network, it has important synergy benefits for the entire company, helping to get the word out about everything from new movies to goings-on at our theme parks to Disney record releases." In May, the first non-English Radio Disney station outside the U.S. was launched in Buenos Aires. "All of this past and future success is due to three things: the fact we purchased Cap Cities/ABC in 1996, which gave us the ability to launch outstanding new growth initiatives such as this one; the outstanding work of the people at all levels of ABC Radio who operate Radio Disney; and finally that asset I mentioned at the outset of this letter ... the Disney name," writes Eisner in a company-wide e-mail that was also distributed as a press release.