Climate Hustle: Marc Morano's Latest Climate Change Denial Stunt

Climate change denier Marc Morano of the fossil-fuel funded Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) will feature a new "documentary film" called "Climate Hustle" in his latest attempt to promote his destructive climate change denial agenda. The film is due to be shown to a public audience for the first time on December 7 at the Cinéma du Panthéon in Paris at the same time as the upcoming United Nations climate talks.

"While Climate Hustle claims to feature interviews with scientists, Morano fails to explain that these characters are not among the respected mainstream climate science community, but rather a collection of washed-up scientists with no expertise in climate science, or a biased view based on ideological or industry-funded bias," writes DeSmogBlog, which has created a new website "Climate Hustler" to expose the truth about the film and Morano's climate change denial.


What about the scientists that have reversed their view from supporting consensus to skepticism?

Anyone who claims that man made climate change is a serious issue is either ill informed or a liar. Anyone with a serious understanding of science and the various issues understand that there is no conclusive evidence to support the CO2 argument made by the climate change Nazis (since you want to use that form of reference). The sad part is that there are serious environmental issues that could use attention, and the diversion of all the attention and the trillions of dollars wasted prevents us from dealing with real issues.

The real issue is NOT the climate and never has been. A few extra hours' worth of energy from the sun, or a few less for that matter, captured by the earth's atmosphere can make greater change than we have seen. All this without any help from man. A single burp from a volcano HAS made more difference even in recorded history, change which lasted over three years causing volcano winters and destroying crops globally.

The real issue is that while these "climatologists and scientists" try and make us believe that we are changing earth's climate they are taking ALL our attention from the REAL and solvable issues. Issues like the Sugar cane and farming and ranching industries destroying the everglades with phosphates 200-500 times what is normal there. Instead of ending this problem which CAN be ended, the politicians and big business LOBBY to not have to meet standards...and to extend the time to meet standards by 10-20-30 and more years!

That's right folks, we pass laws and win court cases over and over again and the politicians give leave to continue destroying the everglades. This is NOT one area but all over the US and all over the globe. We look at the Climate Hustle going on and can't pay attention to the real damage happening by THOSE SAME PEOPLE that want to make money on carbon credits.

Time to END this problem and END all rights of any group to LOBBY this way. It is all fraud.