"Burn a Quaran Day" Pastor Profits from Hate

Terry JonesTerry Jones, the controversial pastor in Gainesville, Florida who is calling for an"International Burn A Koran Day" on September 11, may have a personal motive for inflaming national hatred of Muslims: lining his own pocket. Jones and his wife Sylvia operate a Web site called Islamisofthedevil.com that sells mugs, hats and T-shirts bearing the words "Islam is of the Devil," as well as copies of a book he authored titled Islam is of the Devil: Know the Spiritual Truths That Will Bring the Christian Church Back to its God-Given Position. The couple also operates furniture business out of their church, the Dove World Outreach Center. Jones' most recent tax return, from 2006, says that program services account for 30.5 percent of the church's expenses, and "Administrative costs" account for 69.5 percent.The Dove World Church building itself is also for sale for $2.9 million. Jones' church lost part of its tax-exempt status this spring, after an appraiser determined the church had to pay property taxes on the 1,700 square feet of the building that Jones uses for his for-profit business.


How about "International BUY a Quran Day?" Imagine if booksellers reported a sharp rise in sales on Saturday. Less than $10 a copy.

The irony of what religions teach from the Bible and Quran ... and what their leaders teach by example are sometimes incredibly misleading. I've studied both .. and Christianity and Islam are built from very similar basic principles of love and respect.
It's a pity that some people would manipulate public sentiments, bend it into a religious campaign .. and sell it for profit. I sincerely hope that the money is put to some good use .. helping the less fortunate.

Peace to all.

Islam and Christianity are as far apart as the East is from the West. Ask a Muslim to die FOR you. Ask a TRUE Christian to do the same. You will get RADICALLY different responses.

If Islam is "built" from "love and respect" I ask you why are there no ABOVE GROUND churches in Saudi Arabia? Why are citizens of the U.S., who, when sharing the gospel of John in Arabic/English with Muslims as they were LEAVING a Muslim festival, being detained and in some cases arrested?

Ask a Muslim who converted to Christianity if his way of life has radically changed and you will hear of persecution, inability to find work and other indignities. In some places it's not as "obvious" but there is always an underlying contempt for a Muslim convert.

Educate yourself some more. I'm tired of people talking about Islam being a "religion of peace."

WAKE UP AMERICA - when the government can block your rights to demonstrate, more of your freedoms are constitutionally lost. Go Figure - You can BURN an American Flag but you can not BURN a Quaran - This represents a COMMIE/SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT. REBEL AMERICA REBEL.


Dear Mr. Jones,
Please reread your gospels. If you are truly a Christian you could not do this. "Love thy enemies" Hmm - where have I heard that before. Actually these people, American Muslims, should not even be considered our enemies at all.
I will be praying for you.

May the Peace of Christ fill your heart, Margaret

For all of you who are incensed about the Islamic Cultural Center, building about to be renovated
2 blocks away from the Twin Tower tragedy killing 3000 humans representing a world's population.
Tell me how do you suppose the Iraqi's feel about that behemoth the US of 100 plus acres the United States erected in the heart of Baghdad?
Our Embassy, which will be a constant reminder of our decimation of their country, our murder of a million plus innocent .Iraqi, Children, women, pregnant women, and men. Millions more maimed, horribly burned, and tortured.
About 4 million refugees.
Plus the gifts we bestow on them for future unborn generations for next hundred plus years, in the form of depleted Uranium, white phosphorous, and cluster bombs. Nice toys for future Iraqi children to play with.
The war fought under false pretenses.