Beware This "Constitutional Convention"

Caution:Tinfoil hat areaAn organization called the "Save America Foundation" is putting on conferences around the country that it promotes to host communities as "Constitutional Conventions." John Michael Chambers, the Save America Foundation's founder and spokesman, is telling local press that these events are intended to "stress the Constitution, not current politics," but Chambers is stingy on the details. He doesn't say exactly how these gatherings will "stress the Constitution," or describe specific goals the gatherings hope to achieve.

Investigation reveals that these so-called "Constitutional Conventions" are part of a wave of hysterical fear and scapegoating currently sweeping the country, and that the "Save America Foundation" has overtones of an apocalyptic cult that relies on fear to motivate susceptible audiences. John Michael Chambers, the Clearwater, Florida radio talk show host and financial planner who founded the group, believes the United States is being overtaken by a "New World Order" perpetrated by "elitists." He writes on the organization's Web site that:

The New World Order is not a conspiracy theorists' fantasy but rather a cold hard realty and it is here and present every second of every day in our lives. Globalization is a fact of life. The Age of Global Governance has arrived. Globalization is here. By careful, calculated design (for decades). We are witnessing not only the transformation of America but also the transformation of life for all of us on this planet.

Chambers writes that this is "Not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it." He is believes "elitists" are trying to create one world government, one world currency, and one world military. He urges people to buy gold bullion and join the Tea Party.

Glenn Beck Redux

The Save America Foundation's web site lists nine principles and twelve values for which the Foundation stands. They are exactly the same nine principles and twelve values that conservative Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck put forth in his 9/12 Project. Thus, the Save America Foundation is, at its core, an extension of Glenn Beck's project. 9-12 Project protests drew attention for participants carrying signs bearing Nazi swastikas and photos depicting Obama as Hitler.

Fear Inducing, Apocalyptic Speakers

The speakers and organizations scheduled to appear at the first "Constitutional Convention" event to be held in Grand Junction, Colorado on August 28 have similarly apocalyptic, and sometimes racist, overtones.

The headline speaker at the convention is Tom Tancredo, the former Colorado congressman who claimed Obama won the presidency because we "don't require a literacy test before people can vote." In explaining his opposition to Sonia Sotomayor, Tancredo called the hispanic civil rights and advocacy group La Raza "a Latino KKK without the hoods or the nooses."

Another listed speaker is Marita Noon, executive director of the Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE), a fossil fuel advocacy group funded by New Mexico oil and gas interests that flatly opposes the pursuit of "green," or sustainable energy development. CARE claims that the pursuit of solar and wind power "will end the America we know and love." The group refers to sustainable energy advocates as "Gang Green," and its Web site contains a quote by Fred L. Smith, Jr., president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, in which Smith claims that environmental activists are seeking to undermine American sovereignty and advance a "global wealth transfer scheme." His quote says in part,

We can say this for environmental activists -- they are persistent, constantly developing collectivist schemes to increase the size and scope of government. And they are becoming more ambitious. Not content with giving more power to Uncle Sam, they now seek to give greater power to the United Nations, a move that would seriously undermine American sovereignty and pave the way for top-down global wealth transfer schemes that would make the Great Society look small.

Wacky Theorists

Tinfoil hat chemtrailsAnother speaker expected at the Grand Junction "Constitutional Convention" is Paul St. John, whose claim to fame is organizing the "Chemtrails Truth and Awareness Movement." Adherents to this movement believe that the condensation trails ("contrails") that jet airplanes leave behind in the sky contain heinous chemical and biological agents that the government is deliberately spraying onto people for purposes ranging from population control to "global dimming" to biological warfare against the country's own citizens. This bizarre "chemtrail conspiracy theory" has been around for years. It has been repeatedly debunked by scientists and governments around the world, and is standard fare on wacky, late-night AM radio talks shows that also discuss things like UFOs, channeling the dead and the coming of the anti-Christ.

The conference is being sponsored locally in part by the Western Slope Conservative Alliance, the right-wing, western Colorado group that worked with Americans for Prosperity last year to generate "grassroots" opposition to health care reform legislation in western Colorado. The group's major spokesperson is Mesa County Commissioner and former Colorado candidate for Lieutenant Governor Janet Rowland, who is known for making comments linking gay marriage to polygamy, incest, and marriage involving 11-year-olds during a March 17, 2006 broadcast of the Rocky Mountain PBS television show "Colorado State of Mind," in a discussion about a referendum to allow domestic partnerships. Rowland made headlines in western Colorado for insisting on reciting says Christian prayers in the name of "Jesus" at taxpayer-funded public meetings, even though she has been informed by attorneys that the practice violates the U.S. Constitution.

We won't know until August 28th exactly what this "Constitutional Convention" has in store for attendees from Colorado's western slope, or how many people are likely to attend. Tickets are $60 to $115 for participants who want to attend the "Constitutional Banquet" with keynote speaker Tom Tancredo. If you go, be sure to bring your tinfoil hat, just in case.


Keep drinking the kool-aid of the debunkers of chemtrails. There is overwhelming evidence that something is happening to our air and it is causing extreme health problems for many people. High readings of barium, aluminum and strange organic matter is being recorded in all 50 states. It puzzles me that almost no one has trust in our government until it comes to someone dumping tons of chemicals into our air. It has been proven time and time again that our government has experimented on our troops, our prisoners and common citizens over and over with no apologies.

I take issue with your denigration and ridicule of "conspiracy theorists"; it's not objective and uses some of the same techniques that the people use that you're criticizing in this article. When "diss'ing" the chemtrail theory, you included "global dimming". There has actually been a lot of scientific study of the phenomenon, including data from such measures as "pan evaporation rates", which have been used for decades in meteorological monitoring. Many climate change experts believe global dimming is one factor that helps explain why some of the climate modeling hasn't been as predictive as anticipated. It's NOT "conspiracy" science! Regarding the "New World Order", it's here and openly discussed by its proponents. In one instance, Charlie Rose interviewed Henry Kissinger, who spent a great deal of time talking about it. I wish you would just leave the whole, ad hominem, "anti-conspiracy theorist crusade" alone, and stick with what you're good at. This article is all over the place!

This is the place with the people who wrote a book about those who will sell us back our poop to put on our food. If there was poop in the sky, I don't think they would hesitate in an instance to tell us about it. But what they are really good at is finding the poop in people's logic. Just cause your poopie logic smell, and they smell it doesn't make them kool aid drinkers.

The article did not discuss the legitimacy of global dimming it merely included it with regard to the part it plays in the beliefs of this group "New World Order" is not used by all with the same apocalyptic connotation as conspiracy theorists or those of certain religious groups. So if one individual uses that terminology, it is not a proof positive of another individuals very specific implication of that term. If one theorizes or believes there is a conspiracy, it should not be an insult to be called a conspiracy theorist. But, if you begin to see conspiracies EVERYWHERE, it may be time to take a cold hard look and start fearlessly asking some deeper questions of yourself. For those with a religious basis for their mindset, if this it is a fulfillment of prophecy then there is no thwarting it. Early Christians faced tremendous persecution including violent execution with less paranoia than the modern rant and rave crowd. I guess they didn't have leaders filling them into fear rather than faith. Pollution is something that needs to be addressed seriously and I've never seen CMD be an apologist for the governmental or private polluters. If there was clear evidence of a massive conspiracy they'd be spearheading it's exposure. Exposing abuse of power is right up their alley. But, that is very different than the destructive hate and fear-mongering of these sorts of groups.

Strange that you admit that you know nothing about this new organization but then heap on all the old stereotypically comments, and trying to tie them to other so called wackos. Why don't you take the time you took to write this and invest it in find out what the "Save America Foundation" and once you do critique them then. Are all organizations that you don't know anything about (as you clearly admit you don't know about "Save America Foundation") to be associated with those you disagree with? How does that make you any better than those you are call far out or wackos?

This article is itself more new world order trash. This whole organization simply serves to prop up the whole false "left/right" paradigm. Notice the article is simply rhetoric and propaganda, and a lot of appeal to emotional, ill defined concepts. All of these are the tell tale signs of a shill. SHILL ALERT SHILL ALERT!!

Pretty obvious you dont own a telescope, or a microscope. If you did you would be asking yourself, why are large unmarked, windowless jets leaving contrails that dont ever evaporate, You would also be asking, why at the same time, are passenger jets at much higher altitude leaving no trail at all. I'm talking about the kind with windows, and people in them. Get a telescope, and stop thinking you know about something you have never investigated. You could also get a rain sample after a heavy spray day. Evaporate the water. Go to radio shack and get a twenty five dollar mono microscope. Then start writing articles. Anyone can write an article saying everyone is nuts, except a goverment who admits to spraying chem-goodies on it's own people for years. Your article was gibberish. It's hard not to be cocky with someone who has never heard the likes of Kissinger, Bush and Bush, Obrahma, and other call for a new world order. Maybe you should read some Albert Pike and quit your you disinfo job. Please respond to my e-mail, and I will send to you microscopic photos, and telescopic images of airplanes which emit contails from tiny sprayers on the wings. What department of the Gov. do you work for again? Very comical article. I just counted twenty eight unmarked planes over my city, and photographed them. Not one had windows or a logo. So what are they doing mam?

Manufacturing consent through the embellishment of multiple propaganda models have been the tactics utilized by strategists hence the presumption of game theory. Evolving subjective perception to uniquely corroborate the collective ambitions of incorporating establishments, persuasions counter-intuitive to the social dynamic and moral foundations of Democracy. Conscious manipulation of mass perception advertising the endgame of recent enlightenment's . This nation must epitomize the idealism our forefathers conceptualized through those historic charters set forth to structure Americas' maturity., Unifying a countries diverse individualism by way of sustainable provisions an actualized necessity for Independence from the restraints of capitalism, harmonizing human Nature to Nurture government.

That's what I was going to say. I stand firm looking forward to 2011 when we unify ourselves with each other to deductively find the correct answer. Swiftly then can we move on to build the continual wall of safety that is momentarily needed. Executive stature of decisionary bi-parts distinguishable and aimed at indiviuals known as humanity. We are not a whole. We are individualistic. Our fate lies in the balance of subjective action from an objective standardized point of view.