Gulf Oil Spill Tracker Now on SourceWatch

Gulf Oil Tracker
Now you can track the BP oil gusher, live from the ocean floor, on the home page of SourceWatch with the recently-added Gulf Oil Tracker widget. The widget uses an adjustable leak rate scale to show the estimated total gallons of oil leaked. PBS has provided the code to place the "Spillcam" widget on your Web page. You can access the widget here.



Thanks for sharing this link to the live video feed and live count of estimated gallons spilled. After watching for a while it really begins to make you sick!

The CEO of BP came out and said that this oil spill would only have minimum environmental damage. What world does this man life in? Not ours. This weekend he took is Son sailing. You know, that just shows again what kind of man this guy is. With all that's going on with this nightmare of environmental destruction because of this companies greed for more money , while not giving a dame about safety and our environment, he takes time out to go sailing.

Mr Tony Hayward, you do not have that luxury. You have a JOB to do, if you even know what that even means. I seriously believe as millions do, that you and BP keep your asses to this job at hand and get this biggest environmental disaster ever , that, "YOU" are responsible for, cleaned up. You are not entitled to take time off until YOU and this company gets this job done.

Gotta love the media, whether its a car/plane/bike and now oil accidents they find ways to tell us more about the negatives and downfalls of our world. in essence, the media felt that it wasnt enough to announce this gulf spill just once, they CREATED a perpetual tool negativity.

i am just shocked the oil nuts letting this slip