What BP Doesn't Want You to See

By now, we've all seen pictures of oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster washing up on the shore, we've seen photos of the slick from the air and the video of the pipe gushing oil on the ocean floor. We've even seen the spread of the oil in the Gulf as time progresses, thanks to Google's Crisis Response site for the spill. But what we haven't seen, until now, is the underwater impact of the oil geyser, and the effect of the chemical dispersants BP is using on the oil. ABC news went underwater with Philippe Cousteau, Jr., the grandson of the famous ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, to film what the spill looks like underwater. After witnessing what looks like huge, dark brown-colored clouds of oil-and-water emulsion floating under the surface, Cousteau observed, "This is a nightmare ... one of the most horrible things I've seen under water." Click to view the video and see what's happening under the surface of the Gulf -- something BP would rather you not see, particularly since BP CEO Tony Hayward is disputing claims that plumes of oil exist in the water column.


Thanks for posting that video about what it is like to be right in the middle of the 'clouds' of oil as a result of the oil spill.

You get a very different perspective than just seeing the oil from above.

It looks to me that this is going to be around for quite some time.

It is very scary.

Im completely sickened just watching this video.
The small droplets are small and can pass through the skin of fish.

I want to help and contribute any way I can.

What can we, ordinary citizens, some inside the U.S., others in other countries, do?

If any of you have ideas please post them here.

Im so sickened and worried, I never thought i would be to such a degree...

First, it was the Exxon Valdez disaster and here we have another devastating environmental disaster. I feel people are being harsh with Obama as all these oil rigs were built before the start of his term.

All the money we spend on oil exploration etc. really needs to be invested in developing clean energy production technology. What's the point of blabbering about saving the environment if no one is willing to do so because of greed?

the damage is beyond what money can restored but restoration must still happen and its gonna take heaps and heaps of money! BP's environmental record has never been good to begin...poor mother earth and the sea creatures...and of course folks around the area.

BP have been fined by the US government before for failing to meet safety requirements. Tony Hayward should be thrown in prison and held responsible for this.

Companies need to learn that legislation breaches are not something that money can be thrown at. If I break the law, then get a caution, then break the law for the exact same reason, I would expect some sort of custodial sentence.