Fake Interviews for Palin's "Real American Stories"?

Fox News will debut a new program featuring Sarah Palin called "Real American Stories" that, according to Palin's introduction of the show, tells true stories of real Americans who have overcome adversity and who pride themselves on their character. But Fox has had to pull one of the initial episodes because of objections from the subject of the segment. Fox dropped an interview with rapper/actor LL Cool J, who, after hearing about the episode, wrote on his Twitter account that Fox News had "lifted an old interview I gave in 2008 to someone else" and was "misrepresenting to the public" how it was promoting the show. Country music star Toby Keith was similarly surprised to find himself featured on Sarah Palin's new TV show. Keith's representative told the Web site hitfix.com that Keith, who says he's a registered Democrat, was not told about the usage of a past interview for Palin's program. "We were never contacted by Fox," he said, "I have no idea what interview it's taken from. They're promoting it like it's a brand new interview. He never sat down with Sarah Palin. The segment about Keith apparently will run as scheduled, however.


Looks like everything Sarah Palin touches ends up in failure or disaster in one way or another...Maybe it`s time for her to get out of publicity and stop messing around...

BTW, Mr. Crowley, it would be the producers who are jacking things around. Remember, this is Hollywood, what you see is not necessarily what you get. They are the masters of twisting things around - it's hard to find reality in that town.