Issue Ads on Health Care - Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

AdAge reports that those supporting Obama-style health care reform are "hoping to avoid a costly ad war they would stand a good chance of losing. 'The Democrats in Washington are clearly hoping for a short fight,' said Evan Tracey, president of the TNS Media's Campaign Media Analysis Group, in a blog post. ... 'The next three weeks, from an advertising standpoint, will decide whether this thing spirals ahead of $100 million or stays at $50 million,' said Mr. Tracey in a phone conversation. Television issue advertising related to health care has reached $34.4 million in 2009, from Jan. 1 through July 14, according to CMA


President Obama has proposed to Congress a universal health care plan. However, we need to fix the health care system as well.

As a patient and a former employee (I used to work at a famous hospital on
Long Island) of the health care system - I have first-hand knowledge on how
the care system works in America. Close to 100,000 people die each year in hospitals due to medical errors.

The hospital I worked at had too much administrative waste. There was endless paperwork in processing patient information. Many of the positions, especially in the
Non-medical areas were filled through nepotism. Many of the supervisors and mid-level manager at this hospital were mostly concerned about how they impressed top administrators – CYA was (and probably still is) the major activity.

A question I would like to ask the general public, particularly doctors - How come doctors never challenge other doctors?

Right after I graduated college I was “confused,” doing drugs, and getting into trouble; so my parents sent me to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist said I was “mentally ill” and he sent me to neurologist for tests. (Our family doctor stated at first I did not need any tests, and then he changed his mind.) The neurologist examined my brain and said I was fine. I just needed to “grow up.”