Has Fake News Become the Real News?

Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's "Daily Show"An article in the New York Times asks whether Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's Daily Show has become the most trusted man in America, pointing out that his fake news comedy show has emerged in recent years as a "genuine cultural and political force." While 24-hour news networks like FOX, MSNBC and CNN have been pumping out infotainment-style news about topics like dead celebrities and sexual predators, the Daily Show has been critically tracking the cherry-picking of prewar intelligence, the politicization of the Department of Justice and the efforts of the Bush Administration to increase the power of the executive branch. Stewart has proven to be a master at calling out government and corporate spin, hypocrisy and red herrings, and helping his audience see them, too. A 2008 study from the Project for Excellence in Journalism at the Pew Research Enter for the People and the Press found that the Daily Show has had an impact on American dialogue and that it is "getting people to think critically about the public square."


I want to do what I want, when I want, and I want it now...says the grandchildren of the "ME" generation

This seed of contempt was first seen in the ME GENERATION of the fifty's, fermented in the home of the upper class. 
The slippery slope was off to a great start.  This generation I chose not to to participate in gave birth to the "WHO ME" generation, the slope growing more slippery,  provided their parents with their first grandchild, the NOT ME generation.
It is difficult to name the following generation except to anticipate that it will be named the "NOT ME EITHER" generation.  It is this that I hope to intercept, and impact America, their is no time to lose, for it will be too late, as in Rome and all that fell with it.
The world had evolved post WWII ...for now to “Keep up with the Jones”  the need for  a two family income was paramount, Children now came second. The world of Visa, Mastercard has arrived.
   Compensation for the lack parental love and devotion came in three forms. 
1. Material things.
2. No boundaries.
3. No expectations
  So much of what needs to be said is not being said by anyone. Many point of views. cultural, political, social have been stifled. Contempt for authority bred by modern-era parenting of "when I have time" has defined our youth of the past, modeling today's behavior for the children of tomorrow. 
   The GOTCHA MEDIA,  provides leads to the legal community to create what is simply an ongoing and growing litigious enviornment that precludes positive and cooperative interaction (yes, civilized)  with those who disagree, regardless of the sides taken.  
     Add the dynamic of enabling the performance lacking citizenry and what  has been created, but for survival alone, is a politically incorrect enviornment.  To me it is Inpolitically correct and it is the basis of the thesis for “Beyond Puke.” http://www.beyondpuke.com
    The lack of boundaries parents demand is a direct result from the guilt felt when given things instead of love

In this new MediaOcracy,
one that is governed silently by Wall Street/Corporate America and is administered by the Media.

Wall Street.

Corporate America
Advertising Agenies

Labor Unions
Special Interest Groups

The MediaDELIVERYsystem is one that capitalizes on the human element “Ignorance is bliss.”
As such this system utilizes two other key elements in this TRIAD.
1.Freedom of the Speech, and the abuse/misuse the same.
2.Celebrity, the notion of 15 minutes of fames is now..I want to be famous, everyone else is.
With the liberal media in the drivers seat their duty is but one. To spin, promote and otherwise confuse the obvious, while the power of suggestion are encouraged to the ends of their self interests.

It is this MediaOcracy that is why the media is in a panic state.

The presumptive, (it isn't over until it's over) President elect is Obama.

There is no doubt about it, to deny the sensibilities of this obvious regarding this point is to define you...PERIOD.

Thus! The loyalty demonstrated at the disgust of those who understand their lack of civic responsibility, would no doubt create IN GRANITE this new MEDIAOCRACY.

For now the geeny is going to volunteer to step out of the bottle and take their RIGHTFUL seat at the Right hand of God....er Obama....

AS A MATTER OF FACT the power they would yield would compel Obama sit to Media's Right....BUT there is A PROBLEM....put your money on

OBAMA will lose by more than 20 points... Count on it....
Media's unwise gamble moving from bad to worse, their INTENTIONS exposed.

What courtesies would be extended to them in the McCain Administration?
Pie in the face is not even close to the discrace that will forever tarnish the good reputation and honored tradition of America's Press Corp.