Gasoline: Like a Healthy Lifestyle

BP solar ad with militaryBP North America recently launched "its first full-scale lifestyle effort," to promote its new gas with "Invigorate." Unlike a traditional product launch, which "simply discusses gas," BP's "Younger for Longer" campaign will compare its new gas formula to older athletes. The oil company says its new gas "cleans and extends the use of engine parts, in the same way a healthy lifestyle contributes to a longer lifespan." The campaign will run for five years, with support from the GolinHarris firm. It will include ads, "a mobile tour and interactive Web site." The tour -- of BP's "Invigoration Station" -- will visit 15 cities, offering "the chance to participate in activities related to the athlete spokespeople, such as rock climbing." The "older" athletes featured in the campaign are a 53-year-old mountain climber, a 55-year-old marathon runner and a 31-year-old surfer. Golin's Gary Rudnick said the goal of the campaign "is to build a relationship with our target consumer, and create the awareness and loyalty."


"...but the company will continue to roll out its "Younger for Longer" message over the course of five years to create brand awareness and excitement..."

I dunno, that theme could get pretty old in five years.

Maybe BP should just take the advice of that greatest of old athletes, Satchel Paige: "Don't look back — something might be gaining on you."