Europe Backpedals on Biofuels

Ear of corn on stalkThe European Union (EU) has drastically changed its course for the future of biofuels. Until this week, the EU planned to be the world leader in using biofuels as an alternative to petroleum-based fuel, aiming for 10% of transportation fuels to be derived from biofuels by 2020. "But the allure has dimmed amid growing evidence that the kind of targets proposed by the EU are contributing to deforestation and helping force up food prices." In the overall energy landscape, the EU currently produces 8.5% of its energy from renewable sources. The goal was to increase that to 20% by 2020, but biofuels were a large part of that equation. '"I think when we will look back we will say this was the beginning of a turning point for Europe on biofuels,' said Juan Delgado, a research fellow specializing in energy and climate change expert at Breugel, a research organization in Brussels. 'It will be very difficult now for Europe to stick by its targets.'" In a related story, The Guardian newspaper revealed last week that a secret World Bank report found that "biofuels have forced global food prices up by 75% - far more than previously estimated." The U.S. government has said that biofuels are only responsible for a 3% increase in food costs worldwide.


A young American is currently trying to establish a model organic farm in war-ridden Congo,where 5 million people died in past 10 yrs,due to ethnic conflicts.Armed with the knowledge,given by Mahatma Ghandhi and Srila Prabhupada,he is training desperate population,who recently had to eat rats and snakes,as food became less and less available.

Using only cow dung as fertiliser and ox power,he intends to prove that hunger can be eliminated,by implementing such villages all around the globe.

He wrote a thesis on self-sufficiency at the end of his studies,and was successful to convince the leaders of Congo government to give him a piece of land for his dear project.With a square kilometer of fertile land,soon,the population is working hard to grow their own vegetables,rice,nuts and also grow medicinal plants.

Sue to his project,former ennemies-Tutsies and Hutus-are now working hand in hand,forgetting the recent nightmarish events of yesterday.

In future, Alexander even intends to have local cloth made from cotton,as Ghandhi taught,but for now,such items have to be bought or donated.

The simple housing scheme are made with local bricks,and so the cost of such items are low,and much employment is created.It's the same for furniture and other household items,where bamboo and wood is used.

The cows,which are protected till death,according to the non-violent philosophy coming from Indian sages,produce all the milk required,and with such healthy diet,children are soon becoming happy and contented. Such projects should be
given a priority by those who wish to really help the poor.Sending grains from USA can be useful in emergency cases,but is it not best to train people how to be self-sufficient?

Contrary to the negative view of the white man in Africa,this young man is enjoying the company of local people,who see him as a saviour,and have great respect for him.I hope you will contact him as he deserves to get help,thanks!