Teacher Warns Students About War Propagandist John Rendon

John RendonSteve Runge, an instructor at Northeastern University in Boston, is raising a red flag about a controversial lecturer. "John Rendon of the Rendon Group will be addressing the College of Business Administration Thursday afternoon. I hope business students will take this opportunity before his address to learn a little about the Rendon Group's role in the Iraq War. Rendon, as documented in an award-winning article by James Bamford in Rolling Stone magazine, and Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber's books Weapons of Mass Deception and The Best War Ever, helped promote Ahmad Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress (INC) as spokesperson for the Iraqi people to the Bush administration. Chalabi and the INC were directly responsible for much of the misinformation about weapons of mass destruction spread before the war, and also for the administration's rosy visions of welcomed liberators. ... Business students, I urge you to learn about Rendon on your own and recommend you attend his talk (his public talks are rare). Decide for yourselves whether his career is one you would choose to emulate."