Swift Boating John McCain

"A shadowy group calling itself Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain has been busy," reports Kevin Connolly, "handing out flyers implying that in Mr. McCain's long spell as a prisoner of war in Hanoi, during which he was tortured, he gave information to America's enemy. The evidence? Well, there isn't any. It's a straightforward attempt to take one of Mr. McCain's best cards -- his status as a war hero -- and use it against him." VVAJM's members include Ted Sampley, who previously attacked other U.S. veterans in Congress including 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry and Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha. In addition to VVAJM, attacks on McCain and several other Republican presidential candidates have been launched by "Common Sense Issues," a group working on behalf of candidate Mike Huckabee. In response to the current attacks, McCain has "mobilised a group of volunteers called 'the Truth Squad' to lead his rebuttal of the rumours," Connolly reports. "We shall see how they fare."