Democracy Now! Looks at Pro-War PR, From Freedom's Watch to Petraeus

Democracy Now! reports: "President Bush's prime time address before the nation tonight culminates a carefully orchestrated public relations campaign to win support for the continuation of the war in Iraq. The campaign began in August when a group called Freedom's Watch headed by President Bush's former spokesperson Ari Fleischer began airing pro-war television commercials. Then, President Bush flew to Iraq for an unannounced visit where he met with Iraqi leaders at a U.S. military base in Anbar province. On the eve of Sept. 11th, General David Petraeus and Ambassador David Crocker testified before Congress. Then they appeared exclusively on Fox News in what the network described as a 'briefing for America.' To talk more about the Bush administration's public relations campaign, John Stauber, founder of the Center for Media and Democracy and PR Watch, joins us in Madison, Wisconsin." To listen, click here. To view the inteview on YouTube, click here.


Any good agency out there want to take this on?

PRWatch is about the only progressive site on the Web not showing this item yet -- I couldn't let the omission go unremedied.