Minimal Station Oversight Pushes Fake News Online

"Only 40% of PR pros are considered 'trustworthy' to the press," according to an annual survey of broadcasters conducted by the PR firm D S Simon Productions. The survey (of an unknown number of newsrooms) revealed that 84% of newsrooms "are allowed to use third-party video," such as video news releases, but 58% "now require management to sign off on this footage before it airs. A similar trend has emerged with satellite interviews" -- sponsored, and often canned, TV interviews conducted remotely -- "87% of newsrooms allow it, but 40% require management approval beforehand." O'Dwyer's reports that "restrictions on video and satellite feeds can almost certainly be attributed to increased pressure for VNR disclosure." Doug Simon explained, "Pitching stories to broadcast is changing and it's going to continue to be challenging. ... The clear new avenue is getting content on the web." Simon estimated that "95% of all news stories now go online."