Clinton Campaign Dogged by PR Misdeeds

The PR firm Burson-Marsteller's anti-union consulting continues to haunt Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. That's because Mark Penn, a top campaign aide, also heads Burson-Marsteller (B-M). On August 7, Clinton and other Democratic presidential candidates addressed an AFL-CIO candidate forum, hoping for their endorsement, along with "brigades of union workers to knock on doors, drive people to the polls, and staff phone banks." Penn says that he hasn't taken part in anti-union work, but his role at B-M is "very, very problematic to the AFL-CIO, as well as to many other unions," said the AFL-CIO's political director. Teamsters president James Hoffa agreed, saying, "As long as Mark Penn continues to profit from his company's involvement with anti-union companies, this issue will not go away."


She has alot of nerve expecting unions to bust their chops for her if she chose a PR firm that hurts their cause. Honestly!

A major DEM/Hillary fundraiser out of Philly named Tom Leonard also works for a major anti-labor/union law firm called Obermayer, Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel that supports the Cabot Institute,etc. The Clinton DNC is either walking a fine line or are soo self obsessed about political power as to not deserve any future support.