Praise for the Center for Media and Democracy

From Journalists and Public Servants

"Your book Toxic Sludge Is Good for You is simply terrific, no one should miss it." – Molly Ivins, Legendary Journalist and Author

"Whether it's PR Watch, SourceWatch, Congresspedia or the "Spin of the Day," the Center for Media and Democracy can always be counted on to provide researchers, social activists, and ordinary readers with up-to-date information and lucid analysis. Over the years, CMD has consistently held the corporate polluters, mainstream media misinformers, and government spinmeisters' feet to the fire." – Bill Berkowitz, Media Transparency

"You cannot underestimate the importance of truth-tellers in our society in an age when the truth is swept under the bed, kept in the closet, or recycled to come out as government spin and corporate propaganda.” – Journalist Bill Moyers, speaking about the importance of the Center for Media and Democracy’s work at a reception for CMD in April 2005

“The Center's work in exposing government and corporate propaganda is absolutely essential to our democracy.” – Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

“Rampton and Stauber are two of America’s bravest, finest journalists. Their work is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how greedy corporations and their allies in government now wield power in the United States.” – Eric Schlosser, author of "Fast Food Nation" and "Chew on This"

“One of problems I dealt with was all these groups suddenly attacking me, coming out of the woodwork, and some journalists being misled that these might truly be legitimate groups. Thank God for SourceWatch as a resource—no seriously—so I could tell [journalists] about front groups and they could take two minutes on line and see that this is true.” – Eric Schlosser, author of "Fast Food Nation" and "Chew on This"

“CMD rocks the free world. The work they are doing exposing the PR industry and battling fake news is indispensable. I do not know what we would do without them.” – Bob McChesney, co-founder of Free Press and author of "Rich Media, Poor Democracy" and "The Problem of the Media"

“We all owe a lot to our civic watchdogs, like the Center for Media and Democracy. They got the ball rolling by bringing us evidence of wrongdoing. ... In this era, where investigative journalism seems less a priority for some in the world of what I regretfully call commercial journalism, citizen watchdogs assume an even more important role.” – FCC Commissioner Michael Copps

“As a journalist frequently on the receiving end of various PR campaigns, some of them based on disinformation, others front groups for undisclosed interest [SourceWatch] is an invaluable resource.” – Michael Pollan, author of "The Botany of Desire"

“Thanks for your help with the Ketchum story. …the website was very useful.” – Graeme Smith, Moscow Correspondent for The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

“Stauber and Rampton's book Toxic Sludge Is Good for You unmasks how corporations manipulate our democracy.” – William Greider, author and journalist

"Thanks for all your help. There's no way I could have done my piece on big PR and global warming without the CMD and your fabulous websites." – Zoe Cormier, journalist, Canada

From the General Public:

“You are the only organization I know of with your particular angle of attack on the way power works -- i.e., you start with the corporate communications, unearth the realities behind them, and trace the connections to government, military etc. Your work is priceless, often unique and always top-notch. You should get the Nobel Peace Prize. You're wonderful.” – Jeffery Ewener, Toronto, Canada

“I appreciate the feeling when I get the [Weekly Spin] email that the spin doctors are not getting away with it - there are guys out there catching them and exposing their games.” – Michaela O’Brien, Surrey, England

“Because of the Center I am aware of so much that I wouldn't have been. It has started me on a path of discovery about what is really being said, and allowed me to make educated decisions based on who is speaking.” – Jennifer Warnick, Milwaukee, WI

"Your book Toxic Sludge Is Good For You did nothing less than change my life. My wife and I have told countless people about it. We often compare it to taking the red pill in The Matrix, when you finally wake up from the dream and see that the information around you is an illusion. PRWatch is one of the reasons I wanted to get into journalism." – J.F.