Lobby Shop Sells Tech Central Station Website

The DCI Group, which is described by O'Dwyers PR Daily as a "brass-knuckled Republican PR firm", has sold the Tech Central Station (TCS) 'news' website to the editor of the site, Nick Schultz. In a feature on TCS published in Washington Monthly in December 2003, Nick Confessore wrote of TCS that "it looks less like a think-tank-cum-magazine than a kind of lobbying practice." TCS sponsors have included ExxonMobil, General Motors Corporation, McDonald's and Microsoft. Prior to joining TCS, Schultze was the Politics Editor for FOXNews.com, the website of the Fox News Channel. He has also worked as a policy analyst with Empower America, a think tank that was co-chaired by former Secretary of Education and author William Bennett and former New York Congressman Jack Kemp. (In July 2004 Empower America merged with Citizens for a Sound Economy to form FreedomWorks).