Net Neutrality Poll Far From Neutral Itself

"Pollsters hired by Verizon Communications Inc. presented a study today that suggests consumers overwhelmingly reject 'net neutrality' ... but they support Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens's voluminous bill that rewrites many of the nation's communications laws," writes Amy Schatz. The U.S. Senate Commerce committee, which Stevens chairs, issued a press release claiming the study shows "American voters favor video choice over onerous 'Net Neutrality' regulations." The study was conducted by the PR firm Glover Park Group, in conjunction with Public Opinion Strategies. Glover Park Group has worked for the U.S. Telecom Association and News Corporation, founding an Astroturf group for the latter. The net neutrality poll questions are leading, asking participants which is more important: "the benefits of new TV and video choice" and "lower prices for cable TV," or "barring high speed internet providers from offering specialized services ... for a fee." On MyDD, Matt Stoller compares the poll questions to, "Do you want lots of pie or would you like a kidney infection?"