Big Dose Of PR For Pfizer

Pfizer has hired Clark & Weinstock, a New York and Washington D.C. based "management consulting firm" that "specializes in reputation and crisis management" and "the development of business ethics and corporate responsibility programs." O'Dwyer's PR Daily reports that the company has been hired as a lobbyist "for general representation and issues concerning Medicare/Medicaid and pharmaceutical research & development." The 11-person team assigned to the account includes former Minnesota Republican Congressman, Vin Weber. Weber is also Chairman of the National Endowment for Democracy and a board member of both the Aspen Institute and Citizens Against Government Waste. He was also involved with the neo-conservative network, the Project for a New American Century. In mid-June two men announced they were suing Pfizer, alleging serious side effects from the anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor.


Good luck with the suit. I had Baycol do the same thing -- all of these meds are bogus!!