All the World News that Didn't Get Printed

USAID tsunami relief (State Dept. photo)"Every year, the U.N.'s Department of Public Information (DPI) unveils its list of the world's 10 most under-reported stories," reports IPS. This year's list, released May 15, includes Liberia's post-war reconstruction, upcoming elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, children affected by conflict in Nepal, drought and war in Somalia, problems with tsunami relief efforts, successful efforts to resolve conflicts over water resources, renewed violence in Cote d'Ivoire, and the many challenges facing refugees and asylum seekers. UN DPI head Shashi Tharoor blamed the "if it bleeds it leads" media phenomenon. "Development issues can make good stories too," he said, calling on "readers, viewers and listeners" to "let editors know that they'd like to see more of such stories." This year, Malaysia, which chairs the 114-member Non-Aligned Movement, launched the Non-Aligned News Network. Tharoor said the new network had the potential to broaden world news coverage.