B-Roll Bypasses Policies Against Fake News

Former producer of BBC World's World Business Report and a former editor at CNBC, Jules Heynes, told PR Week UK that corporate supplied video footage - referred to as B-roll - is commonly broadcast even when stations have a policy against its use. "We used B-roll a lot -­ footage often ends up in the library and is used for stock shots," said Heynes, who is now client development director with the major B-roll and video news release producer, Medialink Worldwide. A recent B-roll by Medialink for the mobile phone company, Orange, was used 494 times on 67 TV channels. "It [Medialink] carried out a similar exercise for Orange at the opening of Louis Vuitton's flagship Paris store on the Champs Elysees -­ and its B-roll was used 380 times," PR Week reports.