Pentagon OK's Propaganda for Iraq (and Possibly Elsewhere)

Declaring it "within our authorities and responsibilities," the top U.S. general in Iraq, George Casey, announced that the Lincoln Group program that covertly places stories written by U.S. troops in Iraqi newspapers will continue. Navy Admiral Scott Van Buskirk is also reviewing the Iraq propaganda program. His review was previously described as finished but not public; the LA Times reports that it hasn't yet been completed. Van Buskirk's report "could pave the way for the Pentagon to replicate the practice ... in other parts of the world." But it's also expected to "recommend that the Pentagon examine its regulations and procedures to determine whether it is appropriate to replicate the program." Casey's remarks on the controversial Iraq program came during a video teleconference with Pentagon reporters on Friday March 3.


I suggest, if it's just okay to first examine and correlate the program into the rules and regulations so as not to open doors to aberrations.