At Lincoln Group, the Propaganda Never Ends

The Lincoln Group, which planted Pentagon-written stories in Iraqi newspapers, won U.S. military contracts "after claiming to have partnerships with major media and advertising companies, former government officials with extensive Middle East experience, and ex-military officers with background in intelligence and psychological warfare," reports the New York Times. "But some of those companies and individuals say their associations were fleeting. ... 'They appear very professional on the surface, then you dig a little deeper and you find that they are pretty amateurish,'" said former Marine officer and former Lincoln "strategic adviser" Jason Santamaria. Lincoln had short-lived partnerships with The Rendon Group and the New York ad firm Della Femina Rothschild Jeary and Partners. Lincoln also told U.S. Special Operations Command that it worked with the ad conglomerate Omnicom Group, but an Omnicom spokesperson said, "We're not aware of any relationship with Lincoln Group." Lincoln continues to bid for U.S. government contracts.