Hughes To Deploy Public Diplomacy 'SWAT Teams'

SWAT teamWhen George W. Bush's long-time spin doctor Karen Hughes was sworn-in as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, she said "that our ability to differ freely, openly and respectfully is, in itself, something to be celebrated." But during a "town hall" meeting for State Department employees, she described her plans to improve US image abroad in militaristic phrases, outlining a "rapid-response unit" and "forward-deploy regional SWAT teams" to "formulate a more strategic and focused approach to all our public diplomacy assets." The Washington Post's Dana Milbank writes, "One of her underlings rose to ask how this effort squared with the administration's famously tight control over its message. … Hughes replied that ambassadors are free to talk -- if they use the talking points she sends them. 'If they make statements based on something I sent them,' she said, 'they're not going to be called on the carpet.'"


"Called on the carpet" ? Interesting wording...

To carpet something is to cover it up. So if you're called on the carpet, you may have a frank discussion, but without risking any contact with the truth.

Carpet happens to be an Arabic word. Meaning a thick, heavy covering for a floor, usually made of woven wool or synthetic fibers; a rug. The value of the rug depends on the density of knots. Thanks to such propaganda artists as Karen Hughes or Karl Rove (The Architect and, if I dare say, the Intelligent Designer of smear campaigns), try finding the truth !

Besides, calling on the carpet is a King's thing. If you were to express your free will, Lord Dubya shalt punish thee down from his throne.

And oh. Carpet also happens to be a slang term referring to the putting green or fairway. The fact is you are more likely to find the King on a golf course than on his throne.

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