If You Pay Them, They Will Blog

Corporations have begun hiring bloggers to put out their messages and to promote products, writes Mary Jacobs. Examples: "Stonyfield Farm Inc., a dairy products maker in Londonderry, N.H., hired a corporate blogger to write company-hosted blogs on nutrition and health as well as organic farming. Microsoft Corp. plans to hire bloggers to generate excitement about an upcoming product release. Electronic Data Systems Corp. of Plano last week launched its "Next Big Thing" blog at www.eds.com/blogs to discuss the future of technology." And Hill & Knowlton, one of the world's largest PR firms, is encouraging its employees all to blog—after they pass a quiz. Question #1: "Why do you want to blog?" is multiple choice, with the following options for answers: a) Get promoted; b) Get noticed; c) Get fired; d) Get headhunted; e) All of the above; f) None of the above; g) I don't know.


Hey, Stonyfield Farm, I love your new organic vanilla smoothies! Keep eschewing that damned RBGH! Inulin is a great touch, my nails really do grow stronger. I can't remember if you are the company that boasts happy cows or not, but the cows' well being is VERY important to me. (Too bad you had to sell out to Dannon, haven't forgiven them for offensive anti positive body image commercials they did in the 80's) If they are going to pay serious $ for blogging, where does one sign up for a few bucks for a quick endorsement or two?