Advertainment Reigns

Product placements on television shows are booming, with this year's market expected to total $4.2 billion. "Advertisers pay as much as $2 million an episode to get their products featured on NBC's 'The Apprentice,'" reports the Los Angeles Times. At the TV industry's annual sales drive, actor Amanda Bynes of WB's "What I Like About You" said of her show's characters, "This season we found out, like, they eat Pringles and use Herbal Essence shampoo. Next season, we hope to find out what cellphones they're using and what cars they drive." Other recent product placements include a couple on Fox's "The O.C." looking at, a character on ABC's "Desperate Housewives" working for Buick LaCrosse, and contestants on CBS' "Survivor:Palau" using Home Depot tools. The Federal Communications Commission's Jonathan Adelstein said the current standard of listing paid sponsorships in the show's closing credits is inadequate disclosure.