Still in the Torturers' Lobby

The London office of U.S.-based PR giant Hill & Knowlton signed a $600,000 contract with the government of Uganda, "to improve Uganda's stained reputation as a human rights abuser and democracy laggard." Foreign Minister Sam Kuteesa confirmed the contract, which calls for Hill & Knowlton "to improve Uganda's image with donors and to help blunt damaging reports from human rights watchdogs that have been highly critical of the government." In Uganda, political activity is "restricted" and planned elections in 2006 "have been overshadowed by a controversial bid to amend the constitution so President Yoweri Museveni can stand for a third term." Reports by the New York-based organization Human Rights Watch have "documented recent cases of torture by Ugandan security forces against political opponents, alleged rebels and criminal suspects."


What a shame that you received US$ 675,000 from an African despot plotting to have a life presidency cum monarch to improve his image among the international community. That money is part of the donations we get from our development partners. Where is the moral obligation we can learn from your firm? Do you remember Mobutu Sese seko of Zaire and how he ended up? As an enlightened Ugandan I know that Museveni is just the old school dictator type who has literary bought our poor legislators with little money that you may even laugh at (@ USD 3,000) to get permanent residency at state house. What you are doing for him is good for your pockets BUT bad for our poor banana republic. Anyway, I know that you can polish Lucifer's image as long as he pays up! Go ahead! Munauganda in Kampala.