PR Watch Archives: 1994

Download PDF versionVolume 1, No. 5: Fourth Quarter 1994

  • Burning Books Before They're Printed
  • Flack Attack
  • Interview with the Vampire: PR Helps the PRI Drain Mexico Dry
  • Body Shop Flexes Its Muscles
  • The Good of Mammon: Christian Coalition Makes Corporate Allies
  • GW Associates Uses Public Relations for Social Change
  • Joe Bast Bombs in Peoria
  • "Plutonium is Our Friend"
  • Sound Bites Back

Download PDF versionVolume 1, No. 4: Third Quarter 1994

  • Smokers' Hacks: The Tobacco Lobby's PR Front Groups
  • Flack Attack
  • Three Out of Four Flacks Agree: No Ifs About Butts
  • PR's "Smart Environmentalism"
  • Book Review: Thank You for Smoking
  • Smoke and Mirrors: How Tobacco and PR Grew Up Together
  • Hustling for the Junta: PR Fights Democracy in Haiti
  • Monsanto Hijacks Safe Food Coalition
  • Hill & Knowlton Uses Environmentalists to Peddle Coppertone™
  • Sound Bites Back

Download PDF versionVolume 1, No. 3: Second Quarter 1994

  • Going ... Going ... Green!
  • Flack Attack
  • From Earth Day to Earth Pay
  • A Letter to the Editor
  • Flacks to Greens: Grow Up and Take the Cash
  • Eco-Flacks Convene in DC
  • Poisoning the Grassroots: PR Giant Burson-Marsteller Thinks Global, Acts Local
  • Burson-Marsteller Client List

Download PDF versionVolume 1, No. 2: First Quarter 1994

  • Strange Bedfellows at PR Conference on Activism
  • Flack Attack
  • Guides to PR Front Groups
  • Lobby-PR Giant Porter/Novelli Plays All Sides
  • Shut Up and Eat Your "Frankenfoods"
  • Book Reviews: Sultans of Sleaze and Guerrilla PR
  • Sound Bites Back
  • PR Firms Get Fat on Health Care Debate