PR Watch Archives: 1995

Download PDF versionVolume 2, No. 4: Fourth Quarter 1995

  • Nuking the Messengers
  • Flack Attack
  • Spin Doctor Strangelove, or How We Learned to Love the Bomb
  • Showdown in Glitter Gulch: Nevada Bets Against Nuclear War
  • Temporary Storage of Permanent Waste: The Nukem Strategy

Download PDF versionVolume 2, No. 3: Third Quarter 1995

  • Let Them Eat Sludge
  • Flack Attack
  • A Brief History of Slime
  • Secret Ingredients
  • A R.O.S.E. By Any Other Name
  • Bypassing Barriers with "Active" and "Passive" Public Relations

Download PDF versionVolume 2, No. 2: Second Quarter 1995

  • Spin Doctors Amputate Health Reform
  • Flack Attack
  • 'Democracy for Hire'
  • PR Giant Edelman Courts Both "Wise Use" and Audubon Society
  • From Top-Down to Bottom-Up: How to Pervert the Process
  • PR Astroturf on Parade
  • Ketchum Helps Clorox Keep Its Image Whiter than White

Download PDF versionVolume 2, No. 1: First Quarter 1995

  • Covering the Earth with "Green PR"
  • Flack Attack
  • The PR Industry's Top 15 Greenwashers
  • Journalist, Watch Thyself: Keeping Tabs on the Messengers
  • Science in the Private Interest: Hiring Flacks to Attack the Facts