McDonald's Promotes Its "Healthy" Food

"Trying to capture the high ground in the nation's ongoing debate over obesity and nutrition, McDonald's has teamed up with Oprah Winfrey's personal trainer to demonstrate its commitment to healthy foods and physical fitness," PR Week reports. McDonald's new "Go Active" meal includes a salad, water or soda, a pedometer and an information booklet by Winfrey's trainer Bob Greene. According to PR Week, the affiliation with Greene and the new meal are part of an "effort to exert leadership in another area of social responsibility. We feel it's our obligation to go out there and help change the discussion," said Mike Donahue, VP, US communications and customer satisfaction at McDonald's. Greene is doing media interviews on behalf of McDonald's and is scheduled to speak to members of the American Dietetic Association. "McDonald's says its new salad line has been a hit with mothers of young children and feels that Greene's association with Oprah should help it continue to be a draw for that group," PR Week reports.