Cheeseheads Have Never Been So Chic

Cheesehead hats have never been so chic. The foam wedges could be spotted on the heads of people gathered in crowds throughout the U.S. yesterday, as protesters in all 50 states rallied in support of Wisconsin workers. The events were organized by Here's a brief roundup of some of the action from across the nation:

In Washington D.C.: Protesters warn, "What's happening in Wisconsin will hurt us all."

In Tennessee: Protesters showed up to support the TEA and other unions.

In Ohio: At a large gathering at Ohio's statehouse in Columbus: At its "Ohio Stands with Wisconsin" rally. Video footage of the rally in Ohio is available here.

In California: A Los Angeles Times article reports that a crowd " ... estimated by police at almost 3,000, mostly union members, gathered near City Hall in lower Manhattan to show support for government workers in Wisconsin. Several people in the crowd showed their solidarity by wearing hats shaped like giant wedges of cheese."

In Los Angeles, people "...stand in solidarity with the workers in Wisconsin," as seen in this YouTube video.

In Colorado: Supporters in Denver urged their Democratic governor to put pressure on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, saying, "This is just the beginning." And, "It's time for our governor to get a backbone stand up for labor."

Scott Walker, meanwhile, was in Green Bay, and not in Madison, for the largest protest yet against his budget repair bill. Walker went to Green Bay to encourage the city's Democratic Senator Dave Hanson to return to work. But instead he was met by protesters at the airport who called Hanson, one of the 14 absent Democratic State Senators, a true hero.

50 Photos from the 50-State Rallies

On Saturday, February 26th, Americans in all 50 states rallied to show solidarity with the people of Wisconsin, and to save the American Dream. It was a powerful sight. organized the events and has now posted great pictures on their site.