‘Influence Watch’ Website Launched: Berman, ALEC, Heartland Copy CMD’s Site

The Capital Research Center (CRC), a right-wing opposition research group with deep ties to PR spin doctor Richard Berman and bankrolled by the $800 million Bradley Foundation, launched an “Encyclopedia of the Left” inspired by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD)’s this month called Influence Watch.

Fearing 2018 Democratic Wave, Right-Wing Lobbyists Are Mobilizing Against a $15 Minimum Wage Push

By Lee Fang and Nick Surgey

Even before Democrat Doug Jones’s unlikely win in the race for an Alabama Senate seat, Republicans were worried: There could be a wave of Democratic victories ahead, a backlash against President Donald Trump, in next year’s elections. The wave could carry with it a raft of pushes for progressive policies. But the right is girding itself for the fights they see coming up. One such fight could emerge over increasing the minimum wage.


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