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The Center for Media and Democracy, which publishes,, and, is ready to assist other investigators, reporters, editors, and producers, 365 days a year.

CMD's team (bios available here) has substantive expertise on the following topics, among others:

  • The American Legislative Exchange Council operations: CMD's whole team is the go-to source for research on ALEC
  • "Dark Money," Koch Funding infrastructure, Citizens United, and Campaign Finance Reform: Lisa Graves, Brendan Fischer, and Nick Surgey
  • The Economy and Financial Issues and Trade Policy: Mary Bottari
  • Corporate and Front Group Research: Lisa Graves, Nick Surgey, and Brendan Fischer
  • Workers Rights and Outsourcing/Privatization: Mary Bottari, Lisa Graves, and Brendan Fischer
  • Agriculture, Food Safety, and Food Sovereignty: Lisa Graves
  • Fracking and Energy Policy: Lisa Graves and Nick Surgey
  • National Security and Civil Liberties: Lisa Graves
  • Supreme Court and Judicial Ethics: Nick Surgey and Lisa Graves
  • Tort "Reform" and Civil Justice: Lisa Graves and Brendan Fischer
  • Voting Rights: Brendan Fischer and Lisa Graves
  • Government Transparency, Open Records, and Litigation: Brendan Fischer, Nick Surgey, and Lisa Graves
  • Gun Policy: Lisa Graves and Brendan Fischer
  • Crime Policy and Immigration: Lisa Graves and Brendan Fischer
  • Wisconsin Issues: Mary Bottari, Brendan Fischer, and Lisa Graves
  • Media and PR Tracking: Lisa Graves

CMD's recent press releases about its investigations are available here. CMD's recent editorials and op-eds are available here and here. Select special reports from CMD, in addition to our daily and weekly reporting, are available here. We may have other special reports available that may provide documented information and evidence to assist you.

To request more information, contact us at 608-260-9713 or by e-mail through this form.