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    I don't see the connotation as overly positive. It works for me.
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    It's like we say in Gainesville: Can't get into college? Go to FSU. -- esp
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    SEIU has also launched a website refuting the facts from ..
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    The interview with photographer Damir Sagolj was published in the Slovene weekly magazine Mladina last June and is available at The text is in Slovene; the caption was translated by me and was made available on Danny Schechter's news dissector weblog at the time. I am glad to see it surfacing now in a number of blogs, thereby contributing to a more truthful depiction of what actually happened. I had offered to translate the whole of the interview for Media Channel; Danny gave an initial enthusiastic response, but nothing ever came of it, which is a pity because it was a very good interview.
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    I realize this is just posted elsewhere on this site, but to benefit anyone who just happens to stumble onto this...