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  • Reply to: Environmental & Health Effects of Oil Dispersants a Mystery to BP and the Government   2 years 1 month ago
    Well i was there breathing all the oil and dispersants and what id like to know is whats going to happen to all of us who were forced to breathe all that in for 4 months.
  • Reply to: The Pro-Junk Mail Lobby: Fighting to Sustain the Unsustainable?   2 years 1 month ago
    It would be nice to have a "one stop" option for stopping junk mail - for those who are interested. This is how I completely stopped my junk mail - yes I receive zero junk mail. 1.Order free credit reports yearly & correct any misspellings of name/address for current/closed accounts & Opt out of pre-approved credit card and insurance offers 1.888.567.8688. 2.DO NOT submit a "permanent change of address" with USPS - Instead use "temporary change of address". Good for 6 months & renew for another 6 months. Or remove your name from the NCOA - The USPS National Customer Support Center (NCSC) in Memphis, TN can remove your information from the National Change of Address (NCOA) system. Email, attn: Garry Moore, or call 866-315-7856 X6453. 3.Contact,,, AKA Abacus. 4.Read privacy policy and opt out whenever possible. (insurance, credit cards, mortgage, banks) 5.Contact each mailer and ask politely to be removed.
  • Reply to: Group Focused on Goverment Ethics Puts Scott Walker on List of “Worst Governors in America”   2 years 1 month ago
    If you are so sure of the integrity of Scott Walker, join with me and ask for his records from Marquette University be unsealed.
  • Reply to: The Googlization of the Far Right: Why is Google Funding Grover Norquist, Heritage Action and ALEC?   2 years 1 month ago
    Work on your math. This country has gone down the tubes in precisely that length of time, 2 years, and Obama is nowhere to be seen, or blamed! By the way, I thought math was taught well in Russia and other mob-owned countries, but maybe with the mob's take-over, education has suffered.
  • Reply to: The Googlization of the Far Right: Why is Google Funding Grover Norquist, Heritage Action and ALEC?   2 years 1 month ago
    I find it misleading that you have brought the discussion outside of the points made in the article, wrapping everything in legalese, using diversion as a tactic. How about addressing the point made in the article: Within the past year Google has begun contributing significantly to right-wing groups. Are you suggesting the contributions are made "in the dark", and Google has no idea to which groups monies are going? This is THE search engine company that basically knows everything about everyone. Yet of its own "corporate" behavior, it's a little fuzzy? And to your point "[NetPAC] ... allows Googlers to join together and support candidates who share our common values", I would like to know what these "common values" are. Is it all about "Open Internet", and if so, do you want us to believe that right-wing groups are the protectors of "Open Internet"? If that isn't the only common value, please tell us: What are the common values of Googlers?