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  • Reply to: ALEC's Washington State Chair Discussed Violence, Surveillance Against Constituents   1 year 11 months ago
    I don't get it. Given the facts reported here, why isn't Shea wearing a fashion-forward orange jumpsuit accented with leg shackles? Given the open conspiracy to commit violence, and the potential flight risk, he sounds too dangerous to be granted bail. And why isn't the Washington State arm of ALEC named as a co-conspirator? To protect the public, we have laws against terrorist acts. Let's use 'em. Oh, that's right, can't do that. Shea is a white Christian. If he'd been Muslim, a SWAT team would have surrounded his house by now.
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    There are many things that are harmful in life .... stick to the facts not exaggerations.. Dr. Ramaswamy Govindan. He is chief of the lung cancer program in the division of medical oncology Govindan said two-thirds of the lung cancer patients at Siteman who have never smoked are women..... Govindan discounted the role of second-hand smoke, saying it likely was not a factor unless the patient had excessive exposure from living with a lifelong smoker......
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    Firstly its better to live with a healthy lifestyle. Not just for yourself but for those around you. To pass peacefully at an old age with a full life.... leaves your loved ones with better memories and contentment. Not only that but many people achieve things that contribute greatly to others..... they make a difference. To state 'who cares' is very selfish..... Yes everyone has to die, but life is precious. Image a man or woman who smoke heavily and dies at 35....leaving behind a 6 year old who has to come to terms with what happened..... something that could have been avoided. One might as well say lets legalise heroine.... because we all die anyway. Its ridiculoous. Finding pleasure in something so ridiculously unhealthy, and contributing to others' health passivly.... because you dont care and you enjoy it..... is just wrong
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    I dont believe she said that..... The actually story was kicked off by mentioning Suzanne Pleshette who DID die from lung cancer and did smoke. Also one needs to look closely at the people around you. If youre constantly in contact, or near to, people who smoke.... it can affect ones health passively. The point here however, was many actors who smoke and die from illnesses brought about, or accelerated by smoking, the cause or part of the reason (smoking) simply gets overlooked. It doesnt state everyone that dies from cancer is a smoker
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    Thanks for reading Bill. Hagedorn's hateful stance towards the LGBT community is well-documented. He founded and overseas the Augustine Academy in Merton that discriminates against LGBT faculty and staff. The personal conduct code clearly states that staff or students can be expelled if they or their parents engage in gay relationships.