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  • Reply to: Americans Shielded From Iraq's Brutal Realities   14 years 7 months ago
    When the USSR existed,...did we whine about Pravda and Izvestia being "biased"??? No !,...Of course not !---We just declared that Pravda and Izvestia were propaganda organs of the USSR government. So, ...Why do we pussy-foot around, ...whining about the "biased" media? The main stream media is no less than propaganda organs of the governments of the USA and of Israel----but why do we whine about it---rather than just declaring this truth to be so. We must therefore ask the media,..."When will you CEASE to be propaganda organs of the US and Israeli governments???"
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    I wonder if the presence of the Record is putting pressure on the local paper of record. I looked briefly at the Intelligencer site, and it looks like they're also covering the civil suit beat.
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    ...ooops, I just noticed you're located in Madison, WI; since this is the home of one of the most left-wing universities in America, your editorial bent is thus much more understandable. John Caile Eden Prairie, MN
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    I'm a bit puzzled by your complete lack of coverage of the huge "Oil for Food" scandal in Iraq. With at least $21 BILLION dollars missing, and numerous high profile people involved (most curiously Mark Rich, former international con man pardoned by Bill Clinton), your failure to give this issue the attention it deserves raises questions about your editorial bias. Also, under the heading “Pentagon” you refer to the US as “murdering” millions of people in South East Asia and other places; hardly an example of “journalism.” Comments? John Caile Eden Prairie, MN